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Mar 08

Confidence When Playing the Guitar

Fender Stratocaster

Going to Loppen in Copenhagen and seeing those magnificent bands live is what got you inspired in picking up the guitar in the first place. But of course this entails taking the first step and that’s having a routine or a practice schedule for playing. You want to be the best and play like John Petrucci but this won’t happen overnight. There may be moments when you feel frustrated when playing the pentatonic scale or when you think your technique isn’t working and couldn’t get the results that you want. So what do you have to do in order to gain confidence while playing the guitar? You can also take lessons online or have a live one on one session at Good at Music in Copenhagen.

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Written by Alex on Friday 8th March 2013 at 10:10am and posted in News

Feb 22

All Change


Most of you that read this news feed will have noticed that things have been rather too quiet for a couple of years. I am surprised at the traffic we receive to some of the technical articles and to the online tools. For this I thank you. The site will soon undergo a complete revamp and we hope to bring you more details on this very soon. If you are interested in writing articles and tutorials or to record video lessons, then please do get in touch as we will need your help! Thank you to all the supporters of Blind-Summit through our (nearly) 11 years online!

Written by Alex on Friday 22nd February 2013 at 12:27am and posted in News

Apr 21

New Server!


Apologies for the downtime today. We’ve moved into a fantastic new server thanks to the guys over at http://www.34sp.com. Hopefully nothing has broken in the move, but please let me know if you spot anything that doesn’t look right.

Secondly, a massive apology for the lack of updates. There are many articles in the pipeline from a guitar speaker build, a respray and various other tech articles.

If you have an interest in wtiting music related articles, or would like to help us out with a video lesson, then please get in touch. We really need writers!

Written by Alex on Wednesday 21st April 2010 at 9:03pm and posted in News

Aug 13

Passing of a Legend – Les Paul Dies Age 94

Les Paul with guitar

Credited as the inventor of the electric guitar, a pioneer of recording techniques, an inductee of the Grammy and Rock ‘n’ Roll halls of fame; Les Paul was one of the great names in the world of guitars. He was suffering from from severe pneumonia and died at a hospital in White Plains, New York last night. He will be sadly missed by his many fans and those that he has influenced, and also remembered for his great work with guitars and music.

Written by Alex on Thursday 13th August 2009 at 11:12pm and posted in News

Jun 18

Mika Tyyskä – An Interview with Mr Fastfinger

Mr Fastfinger - Thumbnail

Some of you out there wish to become good at guitar – maybe even great, but to find true enlightenment, you must first take a magic carpet ride to an island far away from here. You will train with a master of the guitar – a sensei of shred. His name is Mr Fastfinger. Today I have the great honor to speak to Mika Tyyskä, the creator of Mr Fastfinger, about his debut album "The Way Of The Exploding Guitar".

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Written by Alex on Thursday 18th June 2009 at 3:47pm and posted in Interviews