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Basic Guitar Patterns

Basic Guitar Patterns - Thumbail

Beginning guitar and folk guitar are sometimes missing from our forum so I have listed here some basic finger picking “Travis Style” and basic strum patterns for easy guitar.

These Patterens are played over the basic C, A, G, E, D, Chord Shapes. Just hold the chord shape as you play your pattern. The finger picking patterns area sequence of T I T M alternating ( Thumb- Index- Thumb- Middle) over the basic chord shapes. The strum patterns are Pick-strum, Pick-strum,etc (you could also play the bass notes with your thumb and strum downward with the nail of your index finger). Learn each pattern. Then try to switch between them together with chords that are in the same key. Learn them with other chords that you know.

E |-------------3--|------------0---|-------------2--|
B |-----0----------|----3-----------|-----3----------|
G |----------------|--------3-------|---------2------|
D |---------0------|----------------|-0--------------|
A |----------------|-3--------------|----------------|
E |-3--------------|----------------|----------------|

E |-------------0--|-------------0--|-----0-------0--|-----0-------0--|
B |-----0----------|-----2----------|-----1-------1--|-----2-------2--|
G |----------------|----------------|-----0-------0--|-----2-------2--|
D |---------2------|---------2------|-----2---2------|-----2---2------|
A |----------------|-0--------------|-3--------------|-0--------------|
E |-0--------------|----------------|----------------|----------------|

E |-----3-------3--|-----0-------0--|-----2-------2--|----------------|
B |-----0-------0--|-----0-------0--|-----3-------3--|----------------|
G |-----0-------0--|-----1-------1--|-----2-------2--|----------------|
D |-----0-------0--|-----2-------2--|-0--------------|----------------|
A |---------2------|---------2------|---------0------|----------------|
E |-3--------------|-0--------------|----------------|----------------|

Play these patterns together:

  • G > C > D
  • A > E > D
  • D > C > G
  • C > F > G (Make up your own pattern for F)

Make up your own finger picking and strum patterns. Above all listen to what other guitarists are doing. When you master these shapes and patterns you will have the tools to to learn what you hear others doing. As always have fun!

Written by Alex on Friday 11th August 2006 at 1:23pm and posted in Techniques

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