Apr 12

Great Rock Photographs

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If you have ever been to a concert and seen a band play, you will know that feeling you get when they play one of your favourite tracks. It’s a total buzz. Terje Sørgjerd is a music photographer from Norway – and he managed to capture that essence of a live show with his photographs.

"These photographs have been produced to show you the intimate visual connection shared between the artist and the audience. If you take a look at the photos, you’ll get a sense of the emerging energy shared between them. It is my intention to present-through the medium of photography-intuitive observations of the connection which may have meaning to spectators."


"Terje is a concert photographer who has continued to be involved with festivals and concerts around scandinavia. Having contributed heavilty to many festivals, magazines and band portfolios. He also has a deep affinity for the music scene, rock and truely intimate concerts. Terje is an official photographer for Roskilde and Øyafestivalen. He has won several awards for his rock photos.&quot

Rock Photos - Drummer

Please visit Terje’s website and take a look at the other great photos he has taken.