Aug 20

Hatebreed – Supremacy

Hatebreed - Thumbnail

Since "I Will Be Heard" featured in the film xXx, and frontman Jamey Jasta became the host of Headbangers Ball on MTV, hatebreed have seen a rise in popularity.

Following on from the powerful "Rise of Brutality" and "Perserverance", this album to be released on the 22nd August , delivers a non-stop assault of seriously heavy thrash riffs, and angry vocals. My first thoughts on the album was the slight samey feel to each of the tracks. But listen in a little longer and you start to pick out the real quality acts.

"To The Threshold" features lumbering heavy guitar riffs, and some alternating (fast and then offbeat) drumming from Matt Byrne.

Hatebreed - Supremacy

"Destroy Everything" is another crushing track aimed primarily at destruction – surprisingly! The track opens with a bass riff before Jasta opens up shouting the track title. The theme carries on throughout most of the album – "Divine Judgement" aims to break a fair amount of things! The tracks enters with a short lived bass riff, a pick slide down the guitar neck and then into a heavy climbing riff that falls off into the chorus. The breakdown has a huge roared "Yeeeaaah" from Jasta leading onto the bridge and a monstrous outro riff.

"Defeatist" tops the lot – a relentless looping guitar riff, with some ferocious vocals on the chorus. "Mind Over All" comes in as the shortest track, just shy of 2 minutes but has a nice vocal breakdown followed by a halfway through.

"Give Wings to my Triumph" sounds the least like the rest of the album, starting out with a Defones tremolo effect on the guitar – but then breaks open to a stereo split with the vocals and a single guitar. The guitar parts are far more involved in places, despite the very simple verse riff.

I’m not the biggest fan of shouted lyrics throughout a song, but this album does have its place for fans of heavier thrash. Unfortunatley the tracks are quite similar, and this may be hard to listen to several times over – but still a solid chuggathon and worth a look.